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1. Introduction

The sale of "Laura Strambi" branded products (hereinafter "Products") executed remotely through the site www.laurastrambi.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") is governed by the following General Terms and Conditions of Sale, in accordance with the requirements for off-premises contracts. The Products offered on the Website are sold directly by SAN GIUSEPPE SRL (hereinafter referred to as "SAN GIUSEPPE"), owner of the brand Laura Strambi. SAN GIUSEPPE is a company incorporated under Italian law, with registered office at Corso Europa, 10 - 20122 Milan (MI), Italy, tax code, VAT and filing with the Companies' Register of Milan number IT09847560969, REA no. MI - 2117181.

The Website is the property of SAN GIUSEPPE. At any time SAN GIUSEPPE can modify the contents of the Website, including the commercial terms expressed therein. Any amendment and / or new terms and conditions will be effective from the moment of their publication on the Website, in the “Terms and Conditions” section. The Customer is therefore invited to access the Website regularly and to consult, before making any order, the most updated version of the General terms and conditions of sale. The applicable General terms and conditions of sale are those in force when the order is sent. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale do not govern the sale of products by subjects other than SAN GIUSEPPE, even in cases in which they are presented on the Website via links, banners or other hypertext links.

The sales agreement is intended between:
- SAN GIUSEPPE as specified above.
- Customer: the physical person or legal entity who has placed an order through the website, which has been accepted by SAN GIUSEPPE.

2. Customer Registration on the Website

The purchase of Products on the Website may take place after registration within the Website or in “guest” mode (no registration).

The registration on the Website and purchase of Products through the Website is only allowed to persons that are at least 18 years old.

Registration on the Website is free. To register on the Website, the Customer must fill out the registration form, entering his/her name, surname, title, an e-mail address and a password and then clicking on "Register". Confirmation of registration will be sent to the Customer by e-mail.

In the event of registration on the Website, the Customer must keep his/her password with utmost diligence. The Customer must undertake not to allow any third parties that he/she has not specifically authorized to do so to use the service. The Customer therefore accepts all liability for any such third party use and conduct on the internet.

In the event of loss or theft of the Customer's password, the Customer shall have the right to enable the new password issue procedure available from the Website.

The Customer hereby guarantees that the personal data provided during the registration procedure for the Website are complete and truth and undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless SAN GIUSEPPE against any losses, damages and/or liabilities deriving from and/or in any way connected to the breach by the Customer of the provisions concerning registration within the Website or the storage of registration credentials.

Registration on the Website implies acceptance of the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

3. Purchase order

Each Product offered for sale on the Website can be viewed by following a dedicated link displaying the article's photographic images, unit price, colours and sizes (if applicable). The Products selected by the Customer shall be placed into a special section (hereinafter referred to as the “Cart”).

To view the Products selected and the total price of the purchase order, please visit the Cart page.

Although SAN GIUSEPPE constantly takes steps to ensure that the photographs displayed on the Website accurately reflect the original products, there may be some discrepancies due to the technical characteristics and colour resolution of the device used by the Customer. As a result, SAN GIUSEPPE shall not be responsible for any possible inadequacy of the graphic representations of the Products displayed on the Website if due to the above technical reasons.

Before confirming the relevant purchase order (hereafter referred to as the "Order"), the Customer is required to check the accuracy of the contents of the Cart and fill in the Order form in accordance with the instructions provided on the Website. The Customer is required to confirm that he/she has read and accepted the General Terms and Conditions of Sale hereof. At the end of the purchasing process, it is advisable that the Customer save or print off the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

The purchasing process is completed as soon as the Customer presses the relevant final Order confirmation button (hereinafter referred to as the "Buy Button"), thereby validating his/her Order, which will be directly submitted to SAN GIUSEPPE.
 After pressing the Buy Button, the contents of the Order may no longer be modified by the Customer.

Orders sent by the Customer constitute proposed contracts that are binding for the Customer. As confirmation of the receipt of order, SAN GIUSEPPE shall send the Customer a summary e-mail to the e-mail address recorded during registration. Said e-mail is for information only. It does not therefore constitute acceptance by SAN GIUSEPPE of said Order.

SAN GIUSEPPE reserves the right, at their own discretion, to accept or refuse purchase orders submitted by Customers. SAN GIUSEPPE will undertake to process the Order (or to inform of possible problems) in a timely manner and in any case within 7 days as from the day following the date on which the Customer submitted the order. It is agreed that Order processing is subject to effective Product availability. Should the Product be unavailable and/or in the event that SAN GIUSEPPE should refuse the order, SAN GIUSEPPE shall inform the Customer of such in a timely manner, and reimburse him/her any amounts paid. In this case, the Customer shall have no right to any further indemnity or compensation. No orders shall be accepted where submitted by parties who are not legally of age.

Each Order and the Customer’s data required for the purchase shall be stored by SAN GIUSEPPE for the time period provided for and in compliance with the applicable laws currently into force. Any use of the Customer's data for purposes other than the purchase shall be subject to the relevant Customer’s prior and express consent pursuant to the conditions set forth in the "Privacy policy" published on the Website.

Customers who have registered to log in the reserved area of the Website may check their Order status by logging in such area and accessing the ‘Orders’ page.

The Customer is aware that he/she is responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of any data entered on the Website or otherwise used at the time of the purchase.

4. Deliveries

The Customers will receive the Products as soon as they are ready for shipping.

The Products shall be delivered to the address indicated by the Customer in the Order.

The Customer's signature shall be requested upon delivery of the Products.

The Products offered for sale on the Website may only be delivered to an address in the European Union, excluding Norway. In light of the foregoing, any Order entailing delivery outside of these countries shall be automatically rejected upon processing of the Order.

For security reasons, SAN GIUSEPPE shall not process any order addressed to a post office box or accept any order that does not allow to identify the natural person held to be the recipient of the order and the relevant address.

As soon as the purchased Product is shipped, the Customer shall receive an email to the address indicated in the Order. Such email shall contain a shipment tracking code and an exclusive link that will allow the Customer to real-time monitor the delivery.
SAN GIUSEPPE's Customer Service shall provide the assistance required for any potential problem relating to the delivery. Customers may contact SAN GIUSEPPE's customer service department (“Customer Service”) by email at: customer@laurastrambi.com .
It is responsibility of the Customer to check the conditions of the Product upon delivery, provided that the risk of loss or damage to Products is transferred to the Customer at the courier delivery of the Product to the Customer or to a third party designated by Customer. The Customer is strongly advised to check the state of the packaging of Products received and, where possible, to indicate any anomalies in the delivery note. If the package displays signs of tampering or alteration, the Customer should immediately communicate this to the Customer Service.

5. Prices and currencies

The price of the Products is as resulting from the price list published on the Website, current as of the time of Order submission by the Customer. The prices of the Products published on the Website are given in the currency chosen, inclusive or standard packing and/or packaging costs and VAT. Prices do not include transport and delivery costs. All the above costs (delivery and or special packing/packaging) not included in the price of the Products published on the Website, will be separately specified in the Order summary and confirmed in the Order acceptance e-mail sent to the Customer by SAN GIUSEPPE.

Published prices and final invoices are in Euro or USD. Final credit card and PayPal debited amounts may vary based on currency fluctuations and bank commissions.

6. Payments

The payment of the Products purchased on the Website can be executed by:

Credit cards

Visa and Mastercard accepted. All payments shall be made online, at the time of transmission of the Order. Customers will be required to provide the details of their credit card in the Order, and the debit request for the corresponding amount will be forwarded only when the Order is completed. During the transmission of the Order, Customer's credit card information is not accessible to SAN GIUSEPPE or third parties.

Paypal verified account

By choosing PayPal payment method, the Customer can pay directly through his/her PayPal verified account. We accept PayPal payments from verified accounts. The payments sent from unverified PayPal accounts will be cancelled.

7. Right to withdrawal

Customers - who acts as a consumer (i.e. a person who buys goods for purposes other than commercial, craft or professional activities) - have the right to withdraw at will (therefore with no reason) and no charge, without incurring in additional costs and expenses other than those indicated in this article, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of goods. Purchased items must be intact and complete (including the original packaging).
To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customers must inform SAN GIUSEPPE, prior to the expiry of the withdrawal period, of their decision to withdraw. For this purpose, the Customer may use the specific form accessible in the "Returns" section of the Website or directly in the "My Account" section if the relevant Customer is registered on the Website. To this end, Customers shall be required to fill in the online form with the information required. Customer Service will promptly provide all instructions to be followed for next steps.

In the event the Customer complies with the procedure set forth in the preceding paragraph, the courier appointed by SAN GIUSEPPE shall collect the parcel containing the Products to be returned with no charges to the Customer. If, on the other hand, the Customer does not comply with such procedure, the return costs and any liability for loss, theft, damage or delay in the delivery shall be borne by the Customer.

Once the right of withdrawal is exercised, the Customer must arrange for the Products to be returned to SAN GIUSEPPE without undue delay, and in any case before 14 calendar days as of the date the user has informed SAN GIUSEPPE of his decision to withdraw from the agreement. The term is observed if the Customer hands over the Product/s before the expiry of the previously mentioned 14 day period to the courier specified by SAN GIUSEPPE or to a courier of choice).

8. Return terms and conditions

Products must be returned in the same conditions in which they were delivered. The Customer must therefore ensure that the Products are intact and complete, that they have never been used, worn or damaged in any way, and returned in their original packaging, equipped with all the labels they were received with. In case a Product was provided with a security tag, the return of this Product will not be accepted if the original security tag has been removed, broken or damaged. The Customer is also informed that, based on security and hygienic-sanitary reasons, perfumes cannot be returned if the sealing cellophane and the original packaging have been opened, damaged, altered or removed. SAN GIUSEPPE shall check the packaging and conditions of each Product returned, being the substantial integrity of such Products an essential requirement for the exercise of the right of withdrawal.

SAN GIUSEPPE reserves the right to reject the return of such Products that should result to have been damaged, deteriorated, stained or appear to be in a condition that unequivocally shows that they have been used for purposes other than for those verifications by the Customer strictly necessary to ascertain the nature and features of the Product purchased.

In the event the return is rejected, SAN GIUSEPPE shall send a specific notice to the Customer and shall consequently not proceed to credit the amount paid by the Customer, reserving as well the right to claim compensation for any damage attributable to the Customer's behaviour.

SAN GIUSEPPE also reserves the right to request photographic support regarding defective or incorrect merchandise before authorizing a return for full reimbursement.

The aforementioned refund shall be made by crediting the amount paid by the Customer with the same payment method used for the purchase, unless otherwise expressly agreed by the Customer and provided that no costs are incurred as a result of the refund, that shall take place free of charge as quickly as possible and, in any case, within fourteen days of the date on which SAN GIUSEPPE became aware of the Customer's having exercised his right to withdraw. SAN GIUSEPPE is not responsible for the time required to reimburse the payment, which is fully regulated by the issuers of the credit cards used.

SAN GIUSEPPE shall inform the Customer by email of refund of the amount.

SAN GIUSEPPE shall not be under the obligation to refund the delivery costs of the Products in the event the Customer has specifically selected a delivery method other than the standard delivery offered by SAN GIUSEPPE.

9. Legal Warranty of Conformity

All the Products sold on the Website are covered by the Legal Guarantee of Conformity. This warranty is reserved for consumers. It therefore applies solely to Customer who have made the purchase on the Website as consumer.

SAN GIUSEPPE is liable for any non-conformity existing at the time of delivery of the Product and becoming visible within two years of said delivery. Customer must notify to SAN GIUSEPPE the non-conformity of the Product within two months from the date on which it was discovered, subject to forfeiture. For a sake of clarity, non-conformity may apply when the Product: i. is not suitable for the use that goods of the same type are normally associated with; ii. does not conform to the description provided by the seller; iii. does not have the features and performance that are to be reasonably expected for a good of this type; iv. is unsuitable for the specific use desired by the consumer. In case of a non-conformity, the Customer may contact Customer Service at customer@laurastrambi.com. The Customer Service will reply promptly to the communication, informing the Customer of the next steps that they should take. The Product that the Customer claims has a non-conformity should be sent to SAN GIUSEPPE, which will determine whether the claimed defect exists, to our logistic centre, at the following address:
SAN GIUSEPPE SRL at EVOLOGI SRL - Logistic centre Via Monastier, 1 30020 – Meolo (VE) - Italy

In case of a non-conformity, the Customer is entitled to the following:
- firstly, the repair or replacement of the good free of charge, according to preference, unless the requested solution is objectively impossible or excessively burdensome with respect to the other one;

- secondly (in cases where repair or replacement is impossible or excessively burdensome, or where repair or replacement have not been made within a reasonable period of time, or where the repair or replacement have caused significant inconvenience to the Customer) a discounted price or the termination of the agreement, according to the preference of the Customer.

10. Disputes

The General Terms and Conditions of Sale hereof are governed by Italian law and shall be construed accordingly, without prejudice to any other imperative provision of law more favourable to the Customer applicable in the country of residence.

In the event of a dispute arising from the interpretation and/or application of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale hereof, if the Customer acts as a consumer, the court of the place where the Customer is domiciled or resident, if located in Italy, shall have exclusive and mandatory jurisdiction. In the event the Customer's domicile or residence is not located in Italy, the Customer may, at his/her election, refer the matter either to the court of the place where he/she is domiciled or resident or to the Court of Milan.

If the Customer does not act as a consumer, the Court of Milan shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

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